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Unleashing the Power of Health Information for Better Delivery of Care

ICW's solution portfolio enables you to unleash the power of your aggregated patient data for more pro-active management. It assists you in delivering optimized care to your population at reduced cost.

  • Optimize transitions of care through ICW Care Coordination to reduce hospital readmission and network leakage and deliver care with improved outcomes.
  • Pro-actively manage care in team-oriented and cross-venue settings through ICW Care Manager to support your patients in achieving their goals and improving their long-term health.
  • Involve the patient in the care process our ICW Patient Engagement to improve information flow and reach seamless interaction with the members of the care team.
  • Collect all patient health information across healthcare organizations into ICW Health Information Exchange to provide one longitudinal patient view to all users.
  • Match new patients against existing patient data and consolidate existing patient registries with ICW Master Patient Index to improve the quality of patient data and care delivery.
  • Benefit from a foundation specialized on building and integrating applications in the health IT landscape delivered through our ICW eHealth Technology.

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