ICW Health Information Exchange

Unleashing the Power of Health Information for Better Delivery of Care

ICW Health Information Exchange - Shared Information for the Bigger Picture

Risk-based contracting and cooperative care delivery scenarios, such as cross-enterprise care plans or hospital discharge management, are essential to achieve the triple aim of healthcare:

  • Improving the patient’s experience of care
  • Improving the population’s health
  • Reducing per capita health care cost

ICW enables healthcare organizations to achieve these goals with a powerful Health Information Exchange solution that features a secure and highly interoperable longitudinal record. Supporting all relevant interoperability standards by design, it enables a broad variety of collaboration tools within and across enterprises, including classical HL7 messaging, IHE query-based web services, a provider portal, and Direct e-mail services for secure messaging.

ICW Health Information Exchange at a glance

Scalable, flexible, integrative

ICW’s HIE solution is scalable and suitable for facilities of all sizes – from individual hospitals with low volumes of clinical documents to regional networks or state-wide scenarios, where large amounts of medical information are exchanged. The flexible, modular structure of ICW HIE allows for a customized longitudinal patient record with functionality that fits the customer’s needs today without sacrificing extensibility. The master data required for record registration in ICW HIE can be acquired from any patient management system via HL7v2 or HL7v3 interfaces, but ICW’s offering also contains a powerful Master Patient Index.

Security and Privacy made in Germany

ICW HIE provides comprehensive privacy and security features for the safety of clinical data and documents. This includes authorization, authentication, encryption of data and an audit trail for the access to personal health information (PHI). Authorization is a particularly difficult issue for many HIE organizations, as state and federal laws, including HIPAA, have different and changing rules on how to determine access to the patients’ records: some require explicit consent (“opt-in”) before access, others assume consent and only require manual intervention for patients who do not want to participate in the exchange (“opt-out”). HIE solves this problem through a configurable rules engine that is powerful enough to support all state and federal privacy rules as well as the customer’s own needs, e.g. special data sharing rules within an ACO. Using widely supported standards such as IHE BPPC, IHE XUA, SAML and XACML ensures that the security system can be smoothly integrated into the customer’s IT ecosystem. No matter whether you need “opt-in”, “opt-out”, “Break the glass”, or a special rule to limit access to HIV-related data to organizations that had direct patient contact, HIE can fulfill those requirements through simple configuration changes.

The ICW HIE modules – empowering full-fledged HIE

Whether a simple document registry or detailed structuring of medical data including comprehensive communication options – ICW HIE has a module for every application scenario:

  • Document Sharing – longitudinal patient record for document sharing
  • Provider Portal –web-based portal for the longitudinal record
  • Clinical Record – record enhanced with labs, problems, medications and other structured data
  • Collaboration – secure Direct e-mail and notifications
  • Cross Community Exchange – document sharing across HIE boundaries
  • Image Integration – view high-quality medical image data in the portal
  • Integrated Forms – custom digital forms with a graphical editor

ICW Health Information Exchange - Shared Information for the Bigger Picture

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ICW Health Information Exchange
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ICW Health Information Exchange - Shared information for the bigger picture

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