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Establishing software products and solutions for the healthcare market requires extensive domain and process know-how, a sustainable and competitive technology stack as well as a selected set of efficient methods and tools. ICW software is built on these prerequisites using selected industry leading technology paired with an agile development process as the foundation of our work.


  • Modular, Java EE-based platform and infrastructure for model-driven software development
  • Development and integration based on consistent use of modern and established open-source technologies and frameworks  (e.g. Apache, Open eHealth)
  • Market-leading database technology by Oracle and Microsoft
  • Consistent and universal support for healthcare IT and web standards for system interoperability and information security (HL7, IHE, SAML and more)

Data Privacy and Security

The standards for data privacy and data protection in healthcare are demanding. Data theft can mean both an enormous commercial damage as well as an immense loss of trust. At ICW we have designed and implemented carefully thought out concepts for data protection as well as  for application security. In addition to mechanisms for reliable identification, authentication and authorization our applications  also natively support data encryption and pseudonymization.

Communication and Interoperability

ICW solutions are designed with international standards like HL7 and IHE in mind to efficiently connect the multitude of health care stakeholders and their diverse information systems. Our technology enables efficient interface and adapter implementation and ensures that our products can be easily integrated into the customer’s environment. As participants of IHE Connectathons we regularly test our products with a large number of US and international vendors.

The Power of IHE Standards

One part of our technology is ICW Forms:

ICW Forms

In contrast to customary paperwork, electronic forms enable the acquisition of structured data without media break. They save time, ensure accurate data collection and enable the efficient evaluation of acquired data.

The ICW approach for integrating electronic forms into your IT-systems comprises the full life cycle of an electronic form. Beginning with a central design over to the distributed usage all through structured data storage ICW FormDesigner offers its users a basis for the efficient creation and usage of electronic forms.


  • Unified editor offering different views to the form (graphical WSYIWIG-editor, script programming, XML-definition, PDF-preview)
  • Drag-and-Drop support for creating form templates based on a comprehensive library of controls (see All-In-One Show Case)
  • Image based, detailed replication of existing standard paper forms
  • Already filled out fields through catalog systems referencing to data base content ("Data Binding")
  • Dynamic control of the data flow by means of business process modeling (BPMN 2.0)
  • Integration of complex business logics through integrated scripting (ActionScript, JavaScript)
  • Multi-language support, printing function
  • Rendering of forms in Flash or HTML5
  • Easy integration into third party systems through a well-defined form API (REST-Interface)
  • Forms available on the Web, in desktop applications and on mobile devices

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ICW Forms
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ICW Forms - Intelligent Forms — Fast. Easy. Flexible.

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See also our newsroom section for FormDesigner in action.

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