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ICW Master Patient Index - Automated Patient Matching

Correctly identifying patients among disparate health care information systems is a continuing challenge. Missing or corrupted information in duplicate medical records can cause unnecessary examinations, misdiagnoses, and at worst, errors in treatment and threats to patient safety. Identifying and correcting duplicates and incorrectly cross-linked records is time-consuming and costly. Inaction is most likely even more costly, as the potential for errors increases significantly.
When organizations share patient information across Health Information Exchanges (HIE) or Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) accurate patient identification becomes even more challenging and is essential to provide effective patient-centered care.

The ICW Master Patient Index is designed to compare patient records from any information source and to determine if they are referencing the same patient or not. The MPI creates a single most accurate record, a so called “Golden Record”, and links the identifiers of the patient from different systems under an enterprise identifier. For accurately linking patient records the ICW MPI utilizes probabilistic matching, a well-established statistical method to calculate the probability that two records match. As data may not always be an exact match, the ICW MPI uses sophisticated comparison algorithms to evaluate incomplete or differently formatted fields, typos and transposition errors, different spellings and nicknames or abbreviations. It compares the similarity score to configurable matching thresholds to determine if two records are a certain match, a potential match or different. Deterministic algorithms can be used to override the probabilistic score and to prevent the incorrect matching of patient records with similar demographics, e.g. twins.

ICW Master Patient Index Business Logic


  • Powerful, highly configurable matching algorithm
  • Data Stewardship Interface
  • Manual matching of potential matches
  • Side-by-Side comparison of patient records
  • Review of linked patient records
  • Standard Reports
  • Recently matched records
  • Potential matches
  • Matching score distribution
  • IHE compliant
  • Short project cycle

Benefits for HIEs

  • Unambiguous patient identification within and across HIEs
  • Creation of a uniform view of patient medical data, including the patient‘s medical history
  • Manufacturer-independent interoperability and data exchange between disparate systems

Benefits for hospitals and hospital groups

  • Higher data quality and consistency
  • Ability to locate patient records in multiple systems
  • Reduced costs thanks to the prevention of multiple registrations and automatic detection of duplicate records

Benefits for radiology networks and radiological service providers

  • Automatic matching of inbound electronic order requests to the local patient identifier in the radiology network
  • Reduced manual effort for identifying and consolidating radiology records
  • Return electronic results with the patient identifier from the requesting organization

ICW Master Patient Index - Automated Patient Matching

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ICW Master Patient Index
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ICW Master Patient Index - The Basis of Patient-Centered Care

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