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Solutions for Payers and Health Plans

Health care reform is forcing payers to meet new performance standards. To reach these standards, payers have access to various internal and external sources of data. Unfortunately data alone does not provide actionable insights to fully identify opportunities for improvement.

Today, health reform and the provisions outlined under the Affordable Care Act motivate payers and providers to engage patients more intensely. Both actors aim to avoid adverse events such as emergency care or unnecessary hospitalizations, to keep the general population healthier and to reduce overall healthcare costs.

ICW’s Master Patient Index solution helps payers to integrate their legacy systems, patient engagement tools and provider data interfaces. Reliable, unique enterprise-wide member identification is the basis for a consolidated view of a member’s health status, for unified member communication and for proper analytics and business intelligence.

We also offer a comprehensive care management solution that helps you influence the cost and quality of care through proactive management of your populations. It enables stronger alignment of providers in complying with evidence-based guidelines and quality measures. We also help you to engage members by sharing data and keeping them actively involved in achieving individual care goals.

Our solutions, our underlying technology and our experience can help you to

  • Provide aggregated member information across legacy systems in your enterprise
  • Utilize technologies and standards used by other industry players
  • Implement and monitor treatment standards on the basis of evidence-based guidelines and individual best practices among your contracted providers
  • Quickly intervene on a care coordination level in the event of acute incidents
  • Improve member engagement and compliance with treatment guidelines

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