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Reaching out to patients results in a number of challenges for customer focused life science companies. From supporting tough privacy and security regulations, to understanding the multitude of commonly used electronic document standards, to considering poor data quality: Healthcare IT requirements can be daunting.

We work with customers in the life science industry to address these challenges in their projects. We build efficient and intuitive disease management solutions to help life science companies reach out to patients and physicians.

Our solutions, our underlying technology and our experience can help you to

  • Improve your products, services and marketing through constant feedback and benchmarking based on real-time access to usage data from devices
  • Add digital services like record keeping or data exchange with other health care actors to your portfolio
  • Efficiently gain access to provider generated health data through standard HIT interfaces
  • Engage with patients through secure, attractive and dynamic user interfaces for mobile or web technology
  • Effectively market to digital natives who want access to their data (e.g. “Quantified Self” movement)

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