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Recent years have seen large investments in health information technology. Using EMRs / EHRs has become a commodity. But did HIT technology so far really provide the value you had expected? Didn’t you make the experience that most patient data are still kept in silos, that interoperability is an ongoing issue and that workflow support beyond your own organization is non-existing? And at the same time, pressure increases as you migrate to a value-based reimbursement model.  A key to your success is health information technology that really supports you along this journey!

ICW solutions for Health Information Exchanges, RECs and Hospital Associations offer the HIT services that you as a forward-thinking provider are asking for. We build the fundament for successful collaborative care across all venues, beginning with a robust information base and extending into Care Coordination, Care Management and Patient Engagement. No matter if you are a member of a local community or a group of hospitals, our modular approach allows  you to start where you are now, leveraging the HIT investments you have already made and to move on to the next level on at your own pace.

At the center of our solution is ICW Health Information Exchange. It encompasses a comprehensive Longitudinal Patient Record with structured clinical data, a Document Registry and Repository and a web-based Provider Portal. The industry-leading ICW Master Patient Index ensures reliable record linkage and optimal data quality. Our best-in-class patient consent and access control management not only ensures compliance to HIPAA and state-specific regulations, it also allows for advanced cloud-based service offerings such as Virtual Private HIEs. A broad range of standards-based HL7 and IHE web service interfaces for interoperability address prominent cost drivers in healthcare IT.

As the need for coordinated care has become prevalent in many settings, healthcare providers need tools that help them to deliver care in a truly collaborative way. ICW Care Coordination streamlines care transitions with a focus on Closed-Loop Referral Management and Discharge Management. Hospital Groups can effectively avoid penalties for preventable readmissions by using our Discharge Management functionality.

ICW Care Manager is the tool of choice to establish community wide care pathways based on clinical evidence and best practices. It enables nurse care managers to team up with physicians, non-clinical providers and with the patient and his caregivers to cover all aspects of care. Its highly configurable care plan engine combined with versatile electronic Forms technology and the ability to work on cross-enterprise HIE data in real time makes it unique in the HIE marketplace.

ICW Patient Portal with BlueButton+ not only helps providers with achieving Meaningful Use criteria, but also taps the potential of truly involved patients and caregivers as active partners in a care team. Patient generated health information such as assessments, surveys or device data greatly enhance the value of the shared Patient Record and leverage the power of the Patient Portal as an integral part of a Health Information Exchange.

Our solutions, our underlying technology and our experience can help you to

  • Protect the investments you already made through our modular solution that blends well with your existing environment and grows with your needs
  • Address the interoperability challenge with proven standards-based interface technology
  • Offer relevant community healthcare information at the point of care
  • Increase clinical data quality and consistency as a basis for accurate and efficient treatment
  • Implement and monitor community-wide care pathways using evidence-based guidelines and individual best practices
  • Engage patients and actively involve them in the care process

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