Let’s push things forward

ICW - Our Core Values

Commitment to the success of our partners and customers

We listen to our partners and customers. We act and deliver on our promises to support our partners and customers in meeting their goals.

Continuous learning and improvement for our employees, processes and products

We understand healthcare processes and requirements as they are. We drive innovations to evolve healthcare IT into the future. We permanently improve our technology, our products, our internal processes and our external services to deliver high-quality results and to exceed expectations of our partners and customers.

Integrity and reliability are the essentials of our work ethics

We cultivate trust and esteem between ourselves, our partners and our customers. Our routine interaction is characterized by intercultural respect, open mindedness, honesty and fairness. Company and employees are rooted in the awareness of highest operational standards, privacy and responsibility in healthcare IT.

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About InterComponentWare (ICW)
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About ICW – Let´s Push Things Forward