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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Why ICW:

HP and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission agree that they picked the right partner in ICW. ICW's proven experience with its portal solution and its expertise in platform technology factored largely into their decision. According to both parties, they chose ICW for its ability to deliver immediately available key components in a short time frame at a reasonable price.

Project description:

Increasing the exchange of medical information to improve care delivery for low income Texas residents. Facilitating availability of individual patient data to the care providers based on an HP solution that utilizes the ICW eHealth Platform.


The project seeks to reduce costs – more than $10 million is spent annually on letter correspondence ‒ and increase the efficiency of the care delivery process by giving physicians and nurses better access to relevant patient health information.

Utilized products:

ICW eHealth Platform Technology